Care Instructions


It is important to care for your resources correctly, to ensure quality is maintained. Please care for your resources following the instructions set out below

Please be aware all products are made to be durable and machine washable unless stated otherwise. 

In many resources, non-toxic plastic poly pellets are used as filling and this makes the resources machine washable but NOT SAFE for the clothes dryer. 

It is NOT reccomended to use Fabric Softeners for any resources as it may affect the quality and finish of the fabrics. 

Care instructions for products are as follows. 

Eye Spy Bags

1. Remove Label and split ring. 

2. Place Eye Spy bag into a lingerie bag or pillowcase and wash in machine on gentle wash as per normal clothes. DO NOT USE FABRIC CONDITIONER

3. Dry in shade on flat surface. DO NOT DRY IN CLOTHES DRYER

Fidget Skinks, Marble Mazes, Pillowcases,

Cool wash in machine and Line Dry out of direct Sunlight. 



Weighted Blankets, Lap Pads, Neck Wraps & Rainbows

(does not include Mermaid Sequin Lap Pads or Snakes)

Handwashing is preferable for heavier blankets with normal laundry detergent. Do not use Fabric Conditioner. 

Cold machine wash on a gentle cycle on their own. Dry on a flat surface out of direct Sunlight. DO NOT HOT WASH IT PUT IN CLOTHES DRYER

Please be aware of your machines weight limit and keep in mind weighted items are heavier when wet. Do not overload your machine (i.e. do not put a 6 kg blanket into a 5kg washer) 


Weighted Snakes, and Lap Pads with 2 way Sequins

1. Place snake/Lap Pad inside of a pillowcase and tie off. 

2. Cool machine wash on a gentle cycle.

3. Remove from pillowcase and dry on a flat surface on the shade. 

This process is to protect sequins/ribbons from deteriorating. Both are very delicate and require care. Do not use Fabric Conditioner.