About Us

Tajama Creations is a small Owner Operated business located in Darwin, Northern Territory.
You can find a small walk in setup located at Lisa's Lunch Bar (( Reichardt Rd Winnellie. We are open 7am-3pm Monday to Friday and on the wekeends by appointment. 
I am a Mum of 5 children,  all of very different needs and ages. The business has grown from a hobby that I started back in 2013, as I could never find affordable, open ended toys and resources for my children to play with.
Over the years I became more educated on Sensory Development as my children showed different Sensory Seeking behaviours. I wanted to teach them how to overcome any of these difficulties they endured, and to give them the tools to become well adjusted and confident young little people. I myself have spent too many years amongst Professional counselling, Pyschologist and Psychiatric Services, trying to find our what wrong with me or understand my behaviours. After a suggestion made to me to look at an ADHD Diagnosis, I finally found my life beginning to make sense. So to bring theraputic tools to others to help them everyday means something very special to me. 
I am passionate about crafting quality products and being able to provide a high level of bespoke customer service. As I know every child and adult have very different needs and there is no one size fits all. I will do my upmost best to create what is perfect for my client.
If you need any assistance with ordering, please contact me via Facebook Messaging or details below
Email tajamacreations@gmail.com
Ph 0422639164