***Sale**** Weighted Rainbow Jellyfish Cushion

***Sale**** Weighted Rainbow Jellyfish Cushion

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this beautiful Jellyfish inspired Rainbow Plush Fur Cushion is perfect for the kids.

Providing the softest snuggly snuggles, all while providing deep pressure input that will help ease anxiety and relieve stress.

Rainbow Tassels sewn in for fidgetting fingers to run over. The plush minky fur is super soft for soothing snuggles.

Weighing 1.5kg and compact for smaller laps.

If another weight is required please contact me at tajamacreations@gmail.com

Fully lined in a separate casing, non toxic poly pellets give weight to this creepy crawly, with applique eyes to keep on eye on all things around.

Machine washable is advised inside a pillowcase to minimise wear on the plush minky and tassles.