Weighted Snake - Pre Order

Weighted Snake - Pre Order

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This soft Weighted Snake is a welcome friend for all ages.

Approximately 1-1.2m long, it features Rainbow Ribbons that are securely sewn into the tail for fidgetty hands. Versatile in their use, either snuggled on your lap or draped around the neck, these weighted snakes provide a great sense of security and comfort while being worn.

Made with Silky Soft Minky for a lovely Tactile experience. The Snake is filled with Plastic Poly pellets encased in its own cotton tube. Making this fully machine washable

**Please Note** 

This item is made to Order and has a turnaround time of 2 to 3 weeks

Weighted Items have been shown to help decrease levels of restlessness and anxiety in people who suffer Dementia, Anxiety and Depression Sensory Processing Disorder, or who may be on the Austism Spectrum.
Research also shows it may help promote and improve sleep by relaxing the body.

Weighted items help raise the Seratonin levels in the brain by Deep Touch Pressure, which creates a feel good feeling similar to that of being hugged.

Weight reccomendations by Occupational Therapists is generally 5 to 10% of body weight.

The snake is weighted with Plastic Poly pellets inside a secure lining. This item is fully machine washable. Please refer to Care Instructions for full information