Weighted Neck Wrap - 2.3kg
Weighted Neck Wrap - 2.3kg

Weighted Neck Wrap - 2.3kg

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This 2.3kg Neck wrap is instock and ready to go. A bold purple backed with bright Lime Green minky makes for a gorgeous comfy and soothing neck wrap

Neck wraps are a great alternative to blankets and snakes for people suffering symptoms of Anxiety. By wrapping over the shoulders, the Neck Wrap may provide faster relief for some users.

Cotton topped backed with Minky for that extra Sensory Experience and comfort. 

Weighted Items have been shown to help decrease levels of restlessness and anxiety in people who suffer symptoms arising from Dementia, Anxiety and Depression, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD and Autism.

By providing a sufferer with the tools to assist in Regulating their Sensory system, this in turn helps them become more productive amd focus on everday tasks that need completing

Weighted items help raise the Seratonin levels in the brain by Deep Touch Pressure, which creates a feel good feeling similar to that of being hugged. 

Weight recommendations by Occupational Therapists is generally 5 to 10% of body weight. These are not recommened for use in children under the age of 3 unless under the directional of an Occupational Therapist

The neck wrap is weighted with Plastic Poly pellets, encased within 2 layers of fabric and securely top stitched. Making the item fully machine washable.